“We do not tell- we show. We do not claim- we prove.” – Ayn Rand



Are a carefully built team of designers, theorists, researchers, analysts, visualizers who constantly upgrade themselves as the newer and latest reflections keep pouring in. our strength is in our vision and dedication to architecture…and the built, of course.


Ar. Ikkurthy Srivalli Pradeepthi (M.A, U.K 2010)

  • A critic and theorist by nature she pursued her masters in ‘HISTORIES AND THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE’, from AA School of Architecture, London (UK) (2010), her perceptions on architecture has become scintillated with culture, history and its time sensitivity.
  • Apart from being ‘the voice’ of the firm she is also a published writer and a visiting faculty in several architectural schools in India and over seas.
  • Her curiosity lies in the above mentioned fields and believes in “Preexistence Ambientali”.

Ar. Dommu Krishna Chaitanya (M.Arch Tech, U.K 2009)

  • A designer, a conceiver, and an analyst by nature‐ he envisions architecture through digital design approach. He has radicalized the architectural form with substantial diachronic research.
  • A graduate in ‘MASTERS OF ARCHITECURE TECHNOLOGY’ from the University of Nottingham, UK (2009) where he won CORUS STEEL international award for designing a sustainable sky scraper.
  • His core interest lies in formalizing and visualizing architecture as a symbolic representation of its time.


Ar.Govind Subhash Kumar J -B.Arc, AMSAA, Chennai, India 2017 (CA/2018/98280)


Ar.G Vinaya Kumar - B.Arc, SOAD-ITM University,Gwalior, India 2017 (CA/2017/86200)




 Advanced outlook to design- A Radical approach to architecture

 Updated with latest digital design & fabrication techniques

 State-of-art approach to built façade technology

 Advanced approach to production through digital medium (CNC etc.)

 Data computational analysis

 Digital techniques to performative design and analysis tools



“We do not tell- we show. We do not claim- we prove.” – Ayn Rand

An independent thought, a fearless soul, a far seeking mind- these are the things which cannot be polluted by force or fraud. Architecture is a field where an architect is independent in thought, original in style and unique in being. These are the main traits which define an architect. Since our inception in 2009, Our aim is to reach that kind of perfection which is the output of harmonious blend between the form and the function. This harmony adds the tinge of interest, a look of distinction that can nourish the senses which have been wearied by banality in the present state of architecture